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Position Warrants Platform Response…

Have you ever been in a circumstance where you saw no end? Or what about thinking, if you would’ve or wouldn’t have done certain things, you might not be in the place you’re in? What about dealing with something you believe you are not asking for? Position, or place, is critical in life, whether it is financial, social, health and or workplace/job related. But more importantly, position is vital to our Christianity.

Recently I found myself very conflicted in my literal position in life. I felt as though I needed to get up and move away from things. I felt that I needed to distance myself from certain people and actions, or sort of step out of my life and examine where I was. I did not know what I felt I was lacking, but I felt great lacking of accomplishments or success. I truly believed I was blessed, as I have a lot to be thankful for, but I wanted more and I felt I wasn’t putting myself in the position to receive God or gain through him, so I separated myself. Some might think I went into a state of depression because I truly isolated myself from almost everything. In doing this I decided that in our social distancing, I would spiritually distance myself too. My revelation in this manner, is that I began recognizing this very position that I felt I needed to move from, that I felt I was not progressing in, that I believed I was unhappy being in, was in fact the best position I could be placed in. Not being in a position of worldly luxury, nor mental strength allowed my internal position or the position of my heart to be more aligned with what and how God wanted to direct my life. I was definitely giving God his time, and my praise. Faith and worship was at the utmost highest. However, I was trying to move before God was instructing--sound familiar? I was trying to render aid to His already finished and perfect work. Even though I am giving a personal account, I am sure that we, as Christians, receiving the bountiful blessings of our life, we begin to want to rush God into what we know He’s going to provide. Sometimes, we forget God knows the future and already has written and accounted for our lives the way He wishes. Self-manifestation is awesome, and I am a firm believer in it, however the manifestation needs to be GOD sent or it will fail. Sort of like when I reach a certain level of confidence in God and know that He will provide or when I truly begin to TRUST in Him, I begin to limit his amplitude in providing for me by putting stipulations or certain steps to how and when I “believe” He was going to bless me.

Of course, as I began self-critiquing and analyzing just how easy it was to err--even when you presume you are solid or confident in Christ--God, as He always does, presented himself and relieved my confusion through a bible study, and now I have it! Referencing Matthew 9: 18-38, there are a lot of miracles happening in these few verses and a lot of times we forget to acknowledge the deeper meaning. We all want the miracle, the blessing or the satisfaction that God will and is providing for us, but often we don’t recall the platform that resulted in the response nor recognize the position these four people were in. Just giving a different outlook on a few instances that we are familiar with and relating them to 2020. The woman with the issue of blood is the first presented, we all know too well the blessing she received and the position she was in, but did we examine the platform Jesus used to bless her? The woman was in a literal position of suffering, pain and depression. I state depression because she was socially outcast and labeled unclean. Her, being knelt down, the humblest way a person can be presented, is often mentioned. But, the position of her heart having FAITH, put her in the right place, as Jesus was passing through to go help Jairus. Cross- referencing Mark 5:33-34, “she feared… and her faith made her whole.” The take home is if you position your heart with faith, not only will Christ deliver, but also put you in the right place at the right time to, “make you whole.”

Then the verse goes to Jairus, a ruler or patron of the synagogue, so we assume he has stature and is an esteemed man. Jairus requested Jesus to come help his daughter, who was presumed dead. Jairus’ position of anxiety allowed Jesus to use the platform to get him to humility. Not only did Jairus gain humility in his blessing, but his position allowed Jesus to give the spectators who ridiculed Jesus (v.40) a humble spirit. They were not expectant or believing Jesus-- remarking the, “child was not dead…” (v.39).

The third and final example is the blind men. These men could not help their circumstances and became mourners. But in their mourning, they cried out in suffering saying, “…have mercy on us.” Although, they might not have realized who they were calling to, their position of lostness and/or hope that someone would come, allowed Jesus to come to them, and bless them.

Now the great take home, as these four parties presented in the scriptures all have different circumstances and really don’t relate to each other, we must look at how Jesus saw them. He did not look at their literal position nor the things the people were stricken with, but He looked at the position of their HEART. Oftentimes we misuse the concept or fundamental meaning of position. We place more emphasis on the literal meaning, instead of focusing on our internal position with God. Position is “a place where someone or something is located or has been put, or a particular way in which someone or something is placed or arranged,” (Google). Christ performs and uses our position as His platform to bless us. As position is important to all walks of life, IT IS essential to our Christian life. In other words, the position of our heart identifies our true reverence to God, in turn, creating a platform for Christ’s response.

I trust, hope and pray this message given by Christ is received from my heart to yours.

Jordan Mobley

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