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Guest Blogger: Summer Pixton

“Why do we do that?!” my friend asked me.

I had just finished saying something like, “I think sometimes we push ourselves too hard because we feel like we need to prove to God that we are worthy of His blessing.” I was encouraging her to get more sleep when I realized she had sent me an email in the very, very, very, early hours of the morning.

The truth was I was benefiting from her sacrifice, her incredible work ethic, and her talent but even so I felt that I could testify that God would bless her and our project even if needed to take a nap.

I know this because I have had to take many naps myself. After serving for my church in Santiago, Chile for 18 months my health took a serious dive, and pushing myself became physically impossible. When I realized this was a problem God intended for me to live with I was very upset. How was I going to accomplish all the things I needed to accomplish?

In a moment of profound anger as my husband watched the tears slide down my face he said, “Summer, you can spend the rest of your life being frustrated or you can be grateful for what you can do.”

But we live in a world that evaluates us based on our accomplishments so it took me a very long time to come round to the “God looketh on the heart” truth. I thought I had to work to be worthy of blessings. And how was I going to do that when I could barely get out of bed?

Many years later my health is still fragile but it has taught me some spiritual lessons that have been invaluable. I have realized that as human beings we are ALL crazy limited. Even this friend of mine, who is remarkably capable, and accomplishes WAY more than me, has a limit to what she can accomplish in a day.

But here is the thing… I believe our limitations as human being are ultimately a gift from God because they allow for greater spiritual growth, which is why He gave them to us.

I have realized the limits on my time and (especially) energy make my choices more meaningful. I cannot do it all. So, what will I choose to do?

Trying to answer this question brings me to God over and over again for guidance.

Sometimes the guidance I receive is to humble myself and ask for help from a certain person. I think God very much intends for us to need each other. It’s another one of the blessings of being limited human beings.

He doesn’t want me to complete my project alone He wants me to need my friend. And maybe she needs me to too, so I can testify to her that she is more than enough just as she is, she is already more than worthy and God can’t wait to bless her life, even if she takes a nap.

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